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"HIGHLY recommend! We had carpet and tile for over 20 years, and finally decided to change to vinyl flooring. The team was very professional from start to finish."
Dura's Customers
Asana Onishi
"Our decision to have Dura Flooring install our carpet for our church was the best experience. They have an awesome team from beginning to end."
Dura's Customers
Diana Cisneros
"I used Dura Flooring to remodel my entire home. The staff is very professional, experienced but most of all patient. I could not decide on my flooring since I did choose different flooring for each room in my home. "
Dura's Customers
Isabel M

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Dura Flooring, Your Trusted Flooring Solution in Glendale, CA. Offering Hardwood Flooring, Residential Carpet, Commercial Carpet, Waterproof Vinyl, and Commercial Sheet Vinyl.

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