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Woman Owned Flooring Store in Commerce, CA

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Woman Owned Flooring Store in Commerce, CA

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Woman & Latina Owned - Flooring Store in Commerce, CA

Dura Flooring is a proud woman and Latina-owned business dedicated to transforming spaces with high-quality flooring solutions. With a strong emphasis on personalized service, we ensure every customer feels valued, regardless of project size. Our diverse range of products cater to various tastes and needs, making us a trusted choice in the community. Join us in celebrating diversity and excellence in flooring..
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Here at Dura Flooring, our satisfied customers speak about their experience with us. From homeowners to business owners, our customers praise the quality of our products, the professionalism of our team, and the seamless installation process. Read on to discover why our customers trust Dura Flooring for all their flooring needs.
"HIGHLY recommend! We had carpet and tile for over 20 years, and finally decided to change to vinyl flooring. The team was very professional from start to finish."
Dura's Customers
Asana Onishi
"Our decision to have Dura Flooring install our carpet for our church was the best experience. They have an awesome team from beginning to end."
Dura's Customers
Diana Cisneros
"I used Dura Flooring to remodel my entire home. The staff is very professional, experienced but most of all patient. I could not decide on my flooring since I did choose different flooring for each room in my home. "
Dura's Customers
Isabel M


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